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Go back at your Site of Grace then go through the door

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    Make sure to take your time during this battle and watch him move slowly enough to allow you to Elden Ring Runes view his attack animations and develop a feeling for when it is appropriate to practice your own techniques Don't be too intoxicated that you leave yourself vulnerable. Melee fighters need to back off every now and then to regain full stamina and wait for him to make his first move , so that you can respond accordingly.Get your strikes where you can gradually cut Margit down. He'll slide down with enough practice to open the path to Stormveil Castle proper.

    Stormveil Castle Walkthrough.Starting from through the Stormveil Main Gate, go right down the stairs and steal the body to acquire a Furlcalling Finger Remedy.As you go back up the steps, take another look at the edge of the wall and you'll see a wooden bridge along the wall. Take a step down and follow the path to the end to discover an item called Fire Grease x2. Drop down again into the grassy areas, and then you can exit the castle from the hole in the castle wall on your left.

    Go back at your Site of Grace then go through the door to the left and talk with your NPC who calls out to him from the corner. They'll explain that you have two options to enter the Keep: via the gate that is heavily fortified, or through a hidden gap located in the side. It may be feasible to run the front gate gauntlet using some determination, however it's not worth your time as you'd be missing a lot of items. So this guide will be walking the back path to most loot.

    If you follow the advice of the NPC leave the room to the left of the room and grab the Golden Rune [1] on the edge of the cliff. You can then turn around and use those rocks to jump up onto the the castle wall where you can find the Ruin Fragment x3. Follow the path that runs along through the wall to reach the cliff that is on the other side. This is where you'll find the wall, which has a hole that has been smashed into it. Take the debris up to your left until you climb a cliff over you that you will be able to find an Smithing Stone [22. Be careful to drop down to the grassy region below where you'll be attacked by a storm hawk. After you have killed it, walk forward to Cheap Elden Ring Items the cliff's edge however instead of dropping down take a right turn to locate a small path that leads up to a crumbling watchtower. You'll meet the NPC at the beginning of this He will then give you a Grace Mimic.