dimensions of the finished product of the machining operation

  • Fabrication is the process of creating objects and parts from raw materials such as sheet metal. Fabrication is an umbrella term for a number of related processes. One example of a raw material that could be utilized in a number of different applications is sheet metal. To be more specific, the production of machines requires the application of a large variety of distinct processes, some of which include bending, punching, cutting, and welding, amongst a number of other options. In addition to our services in fabrication, we at Precision Machine Fabrication also provide our customers with services in assembly and powder coating. Machining is accomplished by making use of a wide variety of tools and approaches to the process.


    What exactly does one mean when they refer to something as being machined?


    1. Machining is not the same as fabrication in that it requires the execution of a wider variety of strategies, some of which call for the use of alternative technologies

    2.  Machining also requires the execution of a greater number of strategies than fabrication does

    3.  Using this distinction as a dividing line between fabrication and online milling service is one of the ways that the two processes can be differentiated from one another

    4.  Machining is a process that results in the creation of finished products by reducing the amount of metal that is present in a material through the utilization of a tool for cutting known as a lathe

    5.  Milling, drilling, and turning (work done on a lathe) are the three most common types of