Quick Tricks to Level UP a Lol Account from level 1 to 30

  • Any player who opens a new League of Legends account which is unranked is faced with the daunting and tiresome task of reaching level 30. Our League of Legends How to level up fast guide contains advice on the best ways to level up and reach Summoner level 30 quickly.

    Win all your games

    To ensure you get as much experience as possible, make sure to win all of your matches because losses only give you 3/4 experience of what you would get if you won the game. Winning is essential to leveling your accounts in the fastest way possible.

    Use your XP boosts efficientlyWhen you have the Daily XP boost you want to be sure you’re using it efficiently. Don’t buy a Daily XP boost when you can only play 3-4 League of Legends games in a day. Wait until the weekend or whichever day you will have the most amount of time to play. To make good use of the Daily XP boost you should look to play at least 12 games in one day or else you will end up spending even more money on RP.

    Hire an account booster

    There's plenty of people out there who would be happy to boost your account for you, and why not? They get to play the game they love, and make money while they're doing it. This is a matter of how much you value your time though, if you're a highschool student then 5 hours a day grinding doesn't seem too bad, but if you've got a part time job then sacrificing a little bit of money will be worth it in the long run.

    Be careful who you trust though, not every booster is credible and many unfortunate players have found themselves down 10$ and without an account. You can usually determine if a booster is safe by doing a few minutes research on Google, but when in doubt it's best to avooid.

    Many boosters will be happy to live chat with you too, and keep in constant touch about the status of your account. If you feel as though you might want to go a little further, perhaps get that much sought after Victorious skin, then they can help you with that too! Naturally you'd have to pay a little more, but that's to be expected.

    Many people seem to keep boosting past 30 though, which seems silly to us since they won't get any benefits, but I suppose they do it for the same reason people pay someone tons of cash to get them to Diamond - bragging rights.

    Playing Bot Games

    You will probably win close to 100% of the bot games you play, however, the experience they give is much lower than normal games. Plus, they’re a bit boring to play. On the plus side, experience boosts still work in bot games, which makes leveling a bit faster.

    Complete LOL Daily Missions

    This is another reason to level up fast, if you complete the daily quests, you will level up to level 20 in 2 days, of course if you dedicate a couple of hours to play. The league of legends missions are available in the first levels.

    Another point that you should be aware of is that the game has special missions to level up fast, doing the daily missions of the Master Craftsman Chest, if you play frequently, on the third day you will unlock an experience boost. You will be given 3 XP boosts in 1 day, which means that you will have 3 days in a row of boosts to level up fast to level 30 in league of legends.

    Pick the right champions

    To further increase your chances of winning more matches, we'd highly recommend choosing champions which are strong in the current meta. For a better idea of who is powerful, our best jungler, ADC and Mid laner pages are a good place to start!

    In this guide we covered popular roles in League of Legends, including the role you want to main! Whether it’s Top, Jungle, Mid, Bot, or Support, you can queue up for your next game on the rift, confident that you understand the core concepts behind your role. There is still a long way ahead of you towards competitive play, get into LoL account and enjoy the game. You can Buy League of Legends Account from https://lol.igvault.com/League-of-Legends-Accounts to turn a profit.