Early spring tea harvest is underway in SW China's Guizhou.


    The early spring tea harvest season is booming in Guizhou province's Liupanshui. southwest of china And farmers have plucked tea plants in anticipation of strong sales.At the spring tea plantation in Shuicheng County, farmers are busy picking fresh tea leaves as the harvest for this year's first spring tea has begun.

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    We estimate that we will harvest more than 2,000 kg of tea trees and receive more than 500 kg of dry tea," said Xie Kunlin, deputy general manager of a local tea company.Most of the tea cultivation in Liupanshui is green tea. Spring tea is rich in amino acids and has a smooth and delicate flavor. despite the high price

    But locally produced early spring teas are also very popular in tea markets around the world.This year, we partnered with a tea company in Shuicheng District to purchase about 4,000 kg of tea worth more than RMB 4 million (approximately $629,000). The early spring tea produced in Shuicheng is very popular across the country," Shen Libin. said buyer

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