Trudeau condemns the protests that 'Unacceptable' as police war


    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has blamed the protests from truck drivers across the country. "Not acceptable"In an interview with Parliament in Ottawa He defended the restrictions on COVID-19. that prompted truck drivers to converge on the nation's capital.meanwhile Ottawa Police Warn Protesters May Be Arrested and the punishment could cause them to lose their jobs.

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    Protests in Ottawa and two Canadian-US border crossings have been going on for two weeks.Blocks, illegal protests are unacceptable. And it has a detrimental effect on businesses and manufacturers,” Trudeau said on Wednesday.We have to do whatever it takes to bring them to an end.He said the protesters were "Trying to block our

    economy our democracy and the daily life of our fellow citizens.Mr Trudeau returned to parliament on Monday after being quarantined for a week after he contracted the coronavirus.Since Monday, drivers have blocked the world's largest international suspension bridge at border crossings, accounting for about a quarter of the U.S.-Canada trade.

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