The real world's water resources may differ greatly


    Nothing on Earth can exist without water. The origin of water on Earth is therefore the origin of life in the Solar System (and the universe) as we know it. Finding out where and how our planet gets its water It may be the key to finding life on Earth, but the truth is we don't know exactly where it came from. However, it is generally accepted that one possible

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    mechanism for delivering water is asteroid bombing. with water and comets when the Earth as we know it today was much younger.But an analysis of new rocks collected from the moon and brought to Earth during the Apollo period suggests this may not really be the case.

    According to a team of researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the most likely explanation is that the Earth was formed by water. In other words, it was always here.Earth was born with the water we have," explains Greg Brennecka, a cosmic chemist at LLNL. Or are we slammed by what is essentially pure H2O? nothing more than that.

    This work eliminates all possible sources of water on Earth by meteorites or asteroids. and point to the option It's clearly 'born with it'.The moon may seem like a strange place to look for Earth's water. It was dusty, dry and not wet at all.

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