Goldman Sachs expects Hong Kong house prices to drop 20 percent


    Goldman Sachs said residential real estate prices in Hong Kong could fall as much as 20 percent through 2025, hit by falling household incomes and homebuyer demand due to the latest wave of the coronavirus outbreak. -19 and higher interbank rates

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    Investment bankers have lowered their price forecasts for 2022 and 2025 to 5% per annum from previous forecasts that were flat for both years.Hong Kong, ranked by survey firm Demographia as the world's most unaffordable housing market for the 12th year in a row, has seen home prices drop 2.9 percent so far this year, with prices falling sharply in February. to the lowest level since January 2021

    Home prices have more than doubled over the past decade and hit a record high in September. They have adapted well during the massive protests that rocked the city in 2019 and throughout the pandemic over the past two years. This was supported by strong demand and lower interest rates.

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