Apple may reveal first hints of augmented reality headset Rumor


    Apple may soon reveal its first hints of a whole new kind of product. The company has long been said to be working on augmented or mixed reality headsets. This will allow people to overlay their digital data on top of the real world. Rumors and hints have pointed out that the project is a huge event within Apple, with the goal of launching a product next year or so. that

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    But Apple has never publicly commented on those rumors. let alone provide any information As for what it might have planned, while Tim Cook hinted that Apple was working on AR hardware, for example, in an interview with The Independent in 2017, he never confirmed that those rumors were true.

    The upcoming WWDC 2022 conference could see some of the first hints Apple is planning, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman. The company can preview some of the software that will power the headset at its June conference.

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