This video teaches you how to make a retro Flip-walker toy from


    This LEGO flip-flop seems to have a mind of its own, but it's actually powered only by gravity and tiny motors. Custom LEGO builder JK Brickworks walks us through the build in a YouTube video where Actually inspired by an older Bear Mobill toy created by Bandai in 1987,

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    it looks like the original toy would be a sci-fi military vehicle, but the JK Brickworks gives it a flashy new look.The hypnotic flipping motion is triggered by a cart moving forward in the middle. It gives the machine enough weight at the end of the rail. Make the build flip on two legs. This resets the entire process. As shown in the JK Brickworks video,

    the toy's signature reversal motion allows the toy to climb small stairs. and can climb slightly If you want to see how to make a strangely satisfying flip-flop machine. You can watch a live stream of JK Brickworks, recorded almost two hours later, put together piece by piece. It looks like JK Brickworks plans to create an in-depth construction guide as well. As he noted that "Suggestions will follow" in the description of his design detail video.

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