Upcoming satellite missions may 'see' how the universe is start

  • Upcoming satellite mission may 'see' how early universe cooled | Space


    While the early universe cooled shortly after the Big Bang,

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    Bubbles also form in its hot plasma. It produces gravitational waves that can be detected even today.Physicists sometimes speculate that phase shifts occurred in the early universe shortly after the Big Bang. A phase shift is a change in the form and properties of matter. This is often accompanied by a change in temperature, such as evaporation or melting of metal.

    In a young and rapidly expanding universe Something similar is likely to happen while in plasma. which was filling the empty space at that time, cooled. However, the phase shift in the early universe was quite remarkable. causing a gravitational wave The ripples in spacetime are mostly caused by collisions between massive bodies such as black holes and neutron stars.

    Moreover The gravitational waves produced by the phase shifts of the early universe are so powerful that they can be detected by future US/European space missions, the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA), according to scientists at the University of Helsinki in Finland. Using a technique called holographic duality, scientists simulated how these gravitational waves were able to generate signals detected by LISA.

    Holographic duality is based on string theory. and enable scientists to mathematically explain the behavior of particles in environments free from gravity and gravity.using this technique Scientists were able to analyze the events that were likely to occur after a phase transition in the early universe. Their model takes into account the potential temperature changes. as well as the expansion rate of the universe

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